An exercise in recognising strength
began with waking in a pool of sweat;
With a throat full of bile,
And a heart full of terror.

I killed four people last night.
I remember the tearing muscle
as I ripped the jaw off one;
The way I was hunted;
The way I was found;

The laughter.
The anticipation.
My own jaw.
My own tendons.
Their revenge.

And this morning-
I dressed and cooked and cleaned;
I brushed some dogs;
I wrote another thousand I’ll probably never publish.

I laughed a little.
My body count is long lost;
Maybe somewhere with my mind.



I am here to prove that you can have long red nails and still spend your days building muscle.
I am here to prove that you can have tits and a brain.
I am here to prove that you can be impaired but also strong.
I am here to prove that a smile may be genuine, but it may not mean what you expect.

I will break.

But not before you.