Self care
stunted by
heavy air;
Halting my
heavy limbs.

Reluctant lungs
heaving in
heavy air;
Survival instinct
wins again.



As the pleasure takes over your lungs;
As a drop of sweat falls
from your forehead to my lips,
When your strong hands find my hips;
My ribs;
My neck.
Each time I see the green in your golden eyes,
I decide
Just one day more.


In that moment, we were exactly who we wanted to be.
I was Emily and you were James;
The lines on your face didn’t matter;
The rip in my dress didn’t matter.

You whispered beautiful horrible things;
I held your waist next to mine;
You picked me up like three dozen roses,
and twirled me round like a new teddy bear.

We held each other’s gaze with a smile
and kissed like we’d never meet again.

What fortune tellers we were.


You love me.

You love me like a bright desert flower.
Like the first fallen leaf of autumn.
Like a warm bed at the end of a cold day.

You love me like touchdown at the end of a long-haul flight.
Like Lightning from a distance.
Like the first sip of hot tea.

Those are not things you lay your hands on.
Not things you kiss for hours.

You love me.
But you don’t love me like that.
Why don’t you love me like that?


But where have you gone;
But what do you see;
How long
You come back;
To me?

Your eyes are translucent;
And skin has turned white;
The Dark is a bitch
You should
Have to fight.

This darkness is scary;
The monsters are real;
I’m secretly
Things that I’ll
Never feel.