In this building of nurses insisting I press the bell and let them help, the panic attack plays through without witness.

A midnight delivery scares the birds out of the trees and into the sky; free and flying and soon they will be calm.

Another minute passes. Another moment closer to morning. Another cry down the hallway from a man who doesn’t know what morning is. 



I’ll hang myself by silk
from the rafters of my mind,
and sway with the wind,
like a calm and restful tide

I’ll end it all at night,
in the silent gaze of stars;
They’ll sigh down on the Earth
at the life that’s come to pass.

They’ll bury me in winter
on a sunny, icy day;
They’ll say I was so happy,
then forget, and walk away.


We were creatures of the night, you and I.
At night, we met.
At night, we laughed.
At night, you said goodbye.

You appeared at the door one morning.
Sun-drenched blond replaced the mess of black.
Green with golden flecks replaced all-encompassing pupils.
Your entrancing scent the same;
Else I might never have known
It was you.