I thought we met in spring,
but it was already autumn.
Your affections fell away
to rot around me;
plucked by the cooling wind.
My novelty faded
with the first breath of winter’s night;
Familiar streetlights guide me back
to my lonesome world.



This world of us I created
is on life support;
Doomed as it can be.
And I fear
that if I stop moving,
I’d run to you.
And I fear
That I’d not save us,
but smother us.


I’ll hang myself by silk
from the rafters of my mind,
and sway with the wind,
like a calm and restful tide

I’ll end it all at night,
in the silent gaze of stars;
They’ll sigh down on the Earth
at the life that’s come to pass.

They’ll bury me in winter
on a sunny, icy day;
They’ll say I was so happy,
then forget, and walk away.