The smallest oversight on your part;
Your named illuminated before me
– only briefly –
Then gone.

An exasperated wheeze
of that determined muscle
deep in my chest.

Silly me thought I’d forgotten
how to miss you.



El Diablo

I’ve learned that hell is grey.
That the brimstone is cold and sharp.
That the devil himself weighs ten pounds;
And he sits in your stomach for months on end;
Setting cold fires;
Caressing your gut with his long,

He leaves you through the mouth;
Through the eyes.
He shakes you as he passes;
With talons in your nerves,
Leaving a trail of bile in places it doesn’t belong.

And when he is free;
He holds you safe
In a little box;
And he shakes you like an empty can;
And he sets you down disoriented on strange ground.

The Game

I have dreamed of breaking you;
Of your uncharacteristic submission;
Where the fire you exude
Fuels mine;
Where my toxic smile
Pollutes your every thought.

I have dreamed of your withdrawal
Once I take away your drug;
Eyes flash green
As I select my next target.