An exercise in recognising strength
began with waking in a pool of sweat;
With a throat full of bile,
And a heart full of terror.

I killed four people last night.
I remember the tearing muscle
as I ripped the jaw off one;
The way I was hunted;
The way I was found;

The laughter.
The anticipation.
My own jaw.
My own tendons.
Their revenge.

And this morning-
I dressed and cooked and cleaned;
I brushed some dogs;
I wrote another thousand I’ll probably never publish.

I laughed a little.
My body count is long lost;
Maybe somewhere with my mind.


The Game

I have dreamed of breaking you;
Of your uncharacteristic submission;
Where the fire you exude
Fuels mine;
Where my toxic smile
Pollutes your every thought.

I have dreamed of your withdrawal
Once I take away your drug;
Eyes flash green
As I select my next target.


He held her under his arm with an impossible softness, planting small kisses against her hair. She was quite the opposite of his loving serenity; eyes wide and attentive, muscles softened yet braced to make her escape at any time.

“Would you like to come home with me?”, he breathed against the top of her head, where his rested.

His advance was met with silence. The blade of guilt carved a deep wound into her heart as the response rested on her tongue. He might just as well have asked if she wanted to break his heart, and she was very tempted.

There was something in his adoration that made her hostile. His love was pathetic; his vulnerability disgusting.

She shut her eyes. His deep sigh confirmed he understood.


Walking out into the large room across the dull green carpet I look up and see high wooden beams and a scatter of cobwebs. I check to see that there are no current eight-legged residents and relax a little when I am satisfied that there are none. I begin to walk towards the small window at the back of the room but am interrupted; I feel an arm at the back of my knees and am suddenly removed from the floor. I let out a squeak of shock as I grasp at the shirt of the man now holding me in his arms, tugging on his tie and pulling it off-center. I look up to see familiar blue eyes and I straighten his tie again with a confused half-smile.

He begins to spin around in a circle and I abandon the tie and wrap my arms around his neck; a grin erupts on my face formed partly of shock and partly of a feeling I can’t quite decipher. He stops spinning and looks me in the eyes as I regain some level of composure and a less surprised facial expression.

He holds me as if I am weightless, his arms strong around me and his movements fluid. He smelled wonderful; sort of spicy and musky with a hint of sweet thrown in, a scent I can only describe as ‘Tony’.

“Meeting’s next door”, he says coolly, his face softened yet with no particular expression.

“That explains the lack of furniture in here..”

He tilts his head a little with a hint of a smile playing on his lips, and deposits me once more gently onto the floor. He turns as if going into another spin, his suit jacket lifting a little at the back with the momentum, and glides out of the room as if to an unheard rhythm. I glance back to the window which is now behind me again. I smile to myself. I can still smell him in the air.

After a moment’s pause I exit the room, closing the door behind me.