The bass captivated the room and the silent vibrations pulsed through my body as I stood breathing heavily, eyes closed, waiting for the drop. The air was dense with sweat and the atmosphere suggested that I was not the only person pausing to catch their breath. I felt a hand grab my arm and slide down to meet my open hand, and after a pause there was a sharp tug. Eyes still sealed I followed the pull of my guide wordlessly through the maze of bodies, holding tight as the beat got louder.

A blast of cool air hit my face and arms as we passed the fans and speakers that obscured the lesser-used side hallway. The music was muffled as the door fell shut behind us and the pull on my hand lessened; we came to a stop. I opened my eyes to glimpse a familiar blue abyss before me as I was pulled into his arms by the hand he had yet to release; the music picked up again as his lips met mine and my eyes closed once more.

I smiled into his kiss, my now liberated hands finding hair to hold him closer.


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