The silk is cool against my eyelids and the air cool against my skin.
I can feel the goosebumps slowly forming in a ripple across my arms and chest.
I fidget a little against the restraints to exploit the softness of the sheets beneath me.
I can hear traffic and distant music out of the open window, muffled by the height of the building so the noise is reduced to a soothing level. There’s something exciting about hearing people outside go about their business; they are so close yet so far away. They have no idea I am listening.

I hear the door open and some soft footsteps against the carpet.
They pause nearby; I don’t know how close.
I arch my back very slightly, and lower it again.
He sees.
He lets out a little laugh, and takes a few more steps.
I feel the gentlest touch caress my lower leg and I flinch.
Another laugh.
I fidget a little to take advantage of the soft sheets beneath me.
I hear the sound of springs compressing and  feel the bed sink in one corner.
The gentle hand returns to stroke my other leg, this time starting at my ankle and slowly, slowly meandering up my leg in oscillations.
It stops when it is half way up my thigh.
I fidget again, this time not voluntarily.
The fingertips begin to retrace their steps back down my leg and I let out a little squeak of disappointment.
They stop again, caressing from side to side.
I point my toes and part my legs very slightly.
A final murmured laugh and the fingertips disappear.
He stands and plants a delicate kiss on my outer thigh.
Some light footsteps later the door opens.
I hear the light switch flick off and the door close.
The traffic and I are alone.


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