The slow power of the music warmed the air and infused her blood with calm. She settled back into his arm as they sat on the carpeted floor against the wall, and let her eyes fall shut as he began to stroke her arm softly; habitually.

His caress drifted in and out of time with the music, intentionally strumming her arm, as if she were the acoustic guitar that filled the room, with his delicate fingertips. After a few minutes his head came to rest upon the top of hers, flooding her with a perfect warmth and drawing a smile onto her lips.

She nestled closer to his chest and his arm tightened around her for a moment. The song ended and brought a short silence punctuated by his heartbeat against her ear.

A new song was greeted by a heavy, slow rise and fall of his chest; a long sigh of memory as a smile took over his lips, too.


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