The sun shone mockingly, illuminating a world that she did not want to see. Her every muscle heavy with a fatigue that she couldn’t sleep off, her mind not present, but not elsewhere. Nowhere, really. She allowed her eyelids to drop closed and rested her head on her knees as she sat on the carpet. The warmth from the sky was unwelcome. It met her skin like the touch of an old friend who had wronged her in some way, and she tried to shake it off.

The dog let out a shrill bark of excitement behind her as a stranger pulled into the driveway. Her head remained down, her eyes remained shut, and she listened as the vehicle turned and left again and the dog resumed its nap at the bottom of the stairs. She raised her head only to pick up the mug from beside her. She lifted it to her face and let the steam flow over her face to cleanse her of the dirty feeling the sunlight had inflicted.

Her skin became sticky and smooth from the vapour, her eyes regained the strength to open a little, and her disdain for the sun lightened.


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