“Why did you do it?” read the note in his hand.
He stuffed it back into his pocket, his face expressionless.
He stood alone in the open grassland, not a light for miles but the low moon in the cloudy sky.
He looked around him, cursing the incompetence of his men under his breath.
He sighted the large mound of dirt and began to walk towards it.
As he came closer two figures rose from where they rested next to the soil.
He berated them as he approached with profanities and insults.
The two men bowed their heads and muttered their apologies.
He strode closer to the excavation behind the dirt and assessed it for a moment.
“You sure it’s him?”, he said, gesturing towards the hole with a nod.
The the taller of the men stepped forward and handed over a leather wallet and an ID badge.
He examined them.
The badge matched his own.
He gave another nod and threw them into the trench.
He took the note once again from his pocket, crumpled it into a ball, and tossed that in also.
“Fill it in.”
The two men hurriedly collected their shovels and started to replace the soil.
He turned and to walk back the way he had come.
A few paces away the ground became soft for a moment, then resumed normality.
He did not look down.
He knew what lay there.

Or rather, who.

[prompt source]


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