My pale skin is illuminated with brilliant red light as the sun kisses the sea. I sit on the edge of a large windowsill overlooking the beach, forgetting for a while the city that lies on the other side of the tall glass-covered building. I close my eyes against the glare, embracing the warmth of the glow as it sends a shiver through me, and I sit for a few minutes more fueling myself for the night ahead.

I stand and walk to the large freshly-made bed to retrieve one sheer stocking. I sit on the end of the white silk-covered mattress and absentmindedly apply the stocking to my right leg, gazing out over the water once more. I smooth it up over my thigh and shift my balance slightly to secure it in place before embarking on the left.

The energizing yet calming flood of red and orange has seeped into every corner of the large white room. I spend the last minutes of sunlight selecting a knee-length black dress from the near-empty wardrobe opposite the bed. I stand before the window as I dress in an attempt to retain as much of the sunset’s peace as I can hold. My focus shifts to the faint reflection cast in the glass before me which beside the dress portrays only my dark hair and eyes, the rest of me obscured by fiery glare.

As the sun finally escapes my view and the sky turns deep blue, I collect a small black bag from the bed, step into black stiletto heels at the door, and exit the room into the long hallway lined with doors on one side and glass on the other. The only light is from the city far below, now without the benefit of the fading sun. I check my silver watch for the time as I walk the length of the hall to the elevators at the end. After a moment’s pause at the elevator door, it opens to reveal a tall, dimly lit figure dressed in a black suit. He extends to me a black gloved hand. I take it, enter, and the door seals firmly but silently behind me.


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