Her laughter infiltrates my dreams like a scream of terror. It chills me to lucidity, its once soothing melody now haunting. It echoes through my unconscious form before tearing me from the peace of sleep and slamming me back to the reality from which she is absent. I force my eyes to remain shut after waking, to hold on to the sound of her despite the ice it forces into my veins. I take a deep breath and let go, parting my eyelids slowly to allow for the lone streetlight that observes me as I sweat. I am once more solitary in the silence of the still night. I shiver, my temperature incongruent with the heat of the desert that radiates beyond my window. I stare into the streak of yellow light cast onto the ceiling above me and the air becomes heavy.

She was nearly mine, but instead I am hers.


12 thoughts on “Interrupted

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