Your eyes had scars of phantom tears;
You looked like you might cry.
I took it as a challenge;
And so I began to lie.

I told you I took all my pills
In hope they’d set me free.
And said I didn’t feel a thing.
Just sad normality.

I told you I’d told no one else,
But that’s also untrue.
I’d told this lie before sometimes,
To friends I wished to lose.

It made me feel quite furious,
your condescending frown;
I want to lie some more to you.
In those blue eyes you’ll drown.


You were a sunny day with a cloudless sky;
An afternoon spent in the shade of an old oak;
The feeling of cool grass underfoot.

You were the tension in the air;
A storm that refused to break;
Dark and heavy and inevitable.

You were one raindrop at first.
Then two.
Then ten thousand.

You were a home without walls.
You were a home.
You were my home.